Torus, 2018

PVC pipe, expanding foam, papier mache, resin, spray paint
200 x 200 x 100cm

Fundamental to all life, the torus is a self-organising system that expands and contracts simultaneously. Toroidal patterns are produced on every level of nature, from an electron spinning around a nucleus, the Earth’s magnetic field and the shape of galaxies. Fashioned from PVC pipe, this lightweight sculpture evokes these processes as it spins in the wind, giving the viewer the illusion of expansion and contraction. 

'Torus' was part of Sculpture at Senic World 2018


Skull of the Unknown Sheep,  2016
Jelutong Wood Carving
40 x 45 x 60cm

This piece acknowledges the extensive use of the skull as subject matter throughout history and pays tribute to the legacy of the humble sheep. The perception of the sheep has shifted from its glorified position in mythology through to its place as a sacrificial offering in religion while today, the sheep’s status is as a mindless follower.

'Skull of the Unknown Sheep' was shown at Sculpture Otherwise, Blue Mountains Culture Centre, Katoomba NSW 2780